Resetting Google Hosted Email

A client of mine mis placed their admin account information for their Google hosted email. Does anyone know how to reset the Google hosted email or how to delete it and start over?

I tried switching to locally hosted email and back to Google in hopes it would delete it and recreate it, but that didnt work.

All help is much appreciated.

If you can delete it without a password then what good would a password be???

You need to recover the password!

I can switch the entire site back to Dreamhost hosted email. So what would the point of a password be?

Thank you for the password recovery page link. I didn’t have that before. I could only find the gmail recovery page.

Now I can’t figure out what they had as the primary admin account name so the password page is getting me nowhere.

Seriously, from the admin panel for the dreamhost account, we cant in any way delete the entire setup at google and restart it?

The password protects the Google installation. On the DreamHost end, all DH is doing is updating your DNS.

You might have to start digging through your (or your client’s) email accounts for mail from Google Apps (google-apps-do-not-reply) or just start guessing at email addresses your or your client may have used.

Good call on the snooping through the emails idea. Im on that now.