Reset directory to Start over from scratch

Hello, I am trying to completely redo my website from the ground up and am wondering if there is any way to reset my directory to the bare bones default, as I am sure I have shuffled things into places where they shouldn’t be. Many thanks!

Some options might be:

  • Change the site’s Web Directory to a different one – e.g. change the Web Directory from /home/username/ to /home/username/ Now you can rebuild in the directory.
  • Change the site’s User to a new one – e.g. select Create a new User for the Run this domain under the user: setting, and uncheck the Move files to the new user? option so the site runs under a completely fresh user.
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The nuclear option is an option.

Are you very, very sure?

What “website” are you talking about? …and is it just WordPress

i have tried this but it dont work fine!

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