Reserved Subdomains

What subdomains does DH automatically delegate, such as,, etc. What are they reserved for and can they be changed by the customer?

Also, the accounts I have had in the past used cPanel, and the standard was to have one domain be the primary, so I had, and then when I would add as an “addon domain,” and cPanel would automatically set up a subdomain of, and mirror it. Does DH do this, or are the domains hosted able to be completely unlinked?

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I don’t think there are any reserved domains. As for adding more domains to your account there is no connection between them.

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I tried adding once, it wouldn’t let me. It’s reserved for pop3/imap - if you want to access your mail, you have to use that as the server name. is reserved too, for setting up your email accounts. is for ftp.

And… that’s all I can think of right now.

don’t forget about