Is it against the ToS to resell webhosting space with your dreamhost account?

If you’re on the Unlimited plan, then the answer is a definite yes (it’s against ToS).

If you’re not on the unlimited plan, then answer is “that’d be an unwise thing to do.” You are responsible for whatever your users do. One stupid move on their part shuts down your entire account.


Wouldn’t that get my account termed if it was against the tos?

It most certainly would.

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Wouldn’t “what” get your account terminated?



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According to the current TOS, it’s only against the terms to allow access to “account resources”, whatever that means - the examples all file sharing - and to the general public. It seems that if I am providing services to my existing customers, to a group or club, or some other group that is any way limited, that’s not to the general public.

I’ve addressed this question in the other place you asked about it. In short, the term “general public” is interpreted broadly; if you provide access to your account resources to individuals other than yourself, it should be limited to those with whom you have a significant existing relationship (personal or business). These rules are enforced on a case-by-case basis, and obvious attempts to game the rules (e.g, by having users join a “club” to get access to your account resources) will not make a good impression.