Hey guys.
I posted something about script/third-party software not working in another topic, but I want to ask a question.

How would I set up a reselling account properly so that my clients won’t see ‘’ in the title? As any smart client will then type and quickly switch.

Now I’ve had a look at ispconfig… … and that seems alright, but I don’t think I can put it on my standard dreamhost account.

Are there any other options? I think just a web panel would solve this entire issue and also make hosting/reselling much easier…

Does anyone know of any free web panels that don’t require a Linux server or something? Something open source, or just something like C-panel (but C-panel is expensive)…

Thanks alot…

A smart client might also do a lookup on the IP address of their website and see it’s a DreamHost machine, too.

I think that reselling will only be appealing if you resell for far below what it’d cost for the client to get their own. A smart client would also be looking at the cost of buying their own account anywhere.


I agree, unless you use an entirely different model.

How about reselling at considerably above what it would cost the client to get their own, as a “value added service” (For the client who doesn’t want to learn anything about managing hosting)? :wink:


Ah, yes…Full Serve vs. Self Serve. Like gas stations. No Full-Serve in California…no Self-Serve in Oregon. I always went with Self-Serve back in the day.

However, in this case, it appears that the OP still wants the client to manage their own service.