I can’t get a clue of this reselling thing…
I just want to host a couple of friends, let them able to have limted access to the control panel (one-clickinstalls, stats etc.) and have to set a limit of bandwidth for them.
Maybe somebody might help with this, because i can’t find anything of it…


From what I’ve seen, you can’t enforce quotas on your own users. If they have the privileges to do the one click installs, etc, they also have access to disable any quotas. Anyhow…

First, you need to set up the appropriate Users and then Domains. Next, go into Billing and select Account Privileges. Give these people Domain-Only access.

As I said in another post, as long as you trust your friends, it shouldn’t be a problem. There’s a ton of disk space and bandwidth, so I’d be surprised if they’d max anything out.