Reselling Question

I plan on reselling some of my hosting to a few friends but I am not sure if there is a way I can give them any access to the control panel without giving them my login (which I’m of course not going to do), so they can create their own MySQL databases and such without having to contact me and have it done. Is there anyway to do this?

If they have a web id they you can link accounts. However, you really have to tweak permissions and test it. For example if you give them access to the domain they can also create databases (they should be able to).

However they cannot create a jabber user unless you give them access to billing.

That’s the next thing DH needs to overhaul on the panel.
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Jabber isn’t a problem becuase they aren’t going to be using it anyway. How would I go about linking a new account to mine?

You could add new users for your friends, add domains or sub-domains using those users as the default FTP user for that domain then give those users a WEB-ID and limited account privileges using Billing -> Account Privileges


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That worked, they just can’t add subdomains to their domains now. It says “(You can host -7 more domains, -9 more sub-domains)” and then doesn’t let them. Any way to fix this?

Did you sign up under a certain promotion or something? You should have unlimited subdomains/domains.
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I figured it out. I had to go to the account privileges and give them access to add features to the plan, but not domain registration and it worked.

Actually, now I have another problems. I only gave users control over their username in the CP but they can create new users, is there a way to stop that?