Reselling Program

Is dreamhost going to offer a reselling program? If not is there away to let us utilize Plesk or cPanel to achieve this?

We offer a rewards program, which allows you to receive referral credits for people you sign up. Alternately, our panel lets you delegate access with at least some degree of granularity if you want to setup one big account and add users under that.

We don’t offer Plesk or cPanel; if you paid for a license, you could likely install it on an unmanaged dedicated machine (if that software works on Debian) - but honestly, if that’s the route you’re going, you’re likely to be better off going to a company that specializes in that, both in terms of price, and in terms of having a support team that’s familiar with those pieces of software.

An excellent example of why DreamHost is a great hosting company: They don’t catch any and all customers with any and all promises! If they can honestly see that the customer would be better served elsewhere, they’re honest enough to say so. How many competitors do that?! Kudos!

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