Reselling Payment Method

Im setting up a reselling hosting site on my account but I need some advice on how to charge my clients.
How do I charge them?
Should I do it through Dreamhost?
I’d like this process to be entirely online…
Any ideas or direction on this matter will be really apreciated.


Hrm…well…I use a content management system for my site called Drupal. It has a module for you to add a ‘hosting’ product. I assume any type of product could be created though since, either way, you’d have to set up your client’s account manually. Most CMS that have ecommerce/shopping cart capability have payment modules. Drupal comes with paypal,, and a few other ones. What services you provide on your site have nothing to do with DH.

Most people that I know use paypal as their payment processor instead of getting a merchant account somewhere. You’d have to upgrade to at least a premier account (which is free to do) to be able to take credit card payments.

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