Reselling Abilities

I was reading up about this on another site. Basically, with the extra disk space / bandwidth of your account, this host lets you legally charge your clients money to host them on your account/plan. The company charges you, the account owner $5, and then you’re free to charge your clients.

Sounds pretty neat. But at the same time it sounds like it could be very illegal on any other host… Does DreamHost offer a feature like this?

Reselling is very common and many hosts offer reseller packages–but there are probably still some out there that don’t.

People are allowed to resell their space here, too–but it’s not the same setup as Cpanel/WHM, which is the most common panel.

You could sign up for hosting at what you think is a big company like DH, but actually just be on someone’s reseller account. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though, considering that it’s where most hosts got their start (and some keep it that way for a very long time).

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So I could legally charge a client to have their domain/site (that I developed) hosted on my DH account?

Does this required me to pay a small fee, like “A Small Oranges” $5? Can I already do this?

Sure - the main thing to remember is that it’s your account and you’re responsible for the content. So, you wouldn’t want to let someone host an illegal mp3 site, or anything the violates copyright law, etc…

As an example, you could pay $10/month for a hosting plan, charge 3 friends $5 each for some of your space–and you would technically be getting paid $5/month to host here.

Or you can even give space away, if you have a friend or family member that you’d like to help out. I have a few family members’ sites hosted on my account for free.

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It’s all up to you: