Is there some sort of reseller panel we could use?
Or an area where we can manage multiple websites, without having to use ‘addon domains’? I’ve never tried addon domains before and I don’t know how they work. I’d prefer it if there were some way to manage multiple websites since we get so much space :smiley:
I was also thinking of being able to sell unused space to other people.


Managing multiple domains/sub-domains on DreamHost couldn’t be easier.

Basically, you just add them in the panel under Domains -> Manage Domains -> Add New Domain / Sub-Domain. Make sure you add them as ‘Fully Hosted’ and you will see a new sub-directory in your home directory corresponding to the new domain, it will have the same name as the domain. This is where you place your site files for this domain.

While you can do this, DreamHost is probably not the best choice if you intend to resell your hosting.

Each (sub)Domain can be attached to a different machine user. When this user logs in via FTP/SSH they will only see the sub-directories corresponding to the domains assigned to them.

If you wish to give the users access to the Web Admin Panel, you will need to create new WEBIDs (panel log-ins) for them and configure the privileges available to them.


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DH support reselling like that :

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Dreamhost allows this and it is easy to setup, but if your ‘customers’ require web panel access you might find it is difficult to truely limit what they can do in the panel, even with webid privileges.

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