Reseller question


I am insteresed in providing hosting services to prospective customers. I have the Crazy Insane Hosting plan.

  1. Can I simply allow customers to use my BW and Disk space(20 GB) and then pick and choose any hosting feature that dreamhost provides? or Do I have to setup seperate acconts for the customer?

For instance, suppse my friend wanted to share my account for a small fee, can i allocate a small portion of the BW and Disk space to him and at the same time give him privilages to any feature offered by dreamhost?

Or is it better to create another account under mine and provide seperate BW and disk space, and hosting plan alltogether such that my BW and space is not affected.

Finally, wont the customer findout that I am going through dreamhost from the logo on the panel, announcments, this forum etc etc???

Is there a way to customize the panel so that my customers only see that panel and not the default dreamhost panel??

thanks for the help in advance

I don’t resell hosting, but I have given space to some of my friends. I created a new User on my webpanel and given them access only to their respective areas (goodies/email etc, not billing). Then I give them the details and let them control their own section.

HybridLogic : DIGi27

ok, so what is the “add an account” choice under “billing” for then??

so all i have to do is create a user under “USERS” and then edit their permissions?

also, can i customize the panel for my new users?