Resell Questions

I have a few questions about “reselling” from my DreamHost account.

To start with, please do not ask me why I want to resell, or warn me that it’s a stupid thing to do, and that I’ll need to monitor each and every site hosted. I’m well aware of that (and well aware that if a user violates DH’s ToS, I’m liable and could lose all access).

Here’s what I’m wondering:

  1. Is it possible to “mirror” DH’s nameservers, i.e. by a custom A record? I understand a reverse lookup will still show the IP as NSx.DREAMHOST.COM

  2. Any software recommended to help with reselling? i.e. accounting, sign up, control panel-esque, ticketing, etc…

  3. Anyone out there reselling that has specific suggestions on how to handle the whole rebranding issue (I know it’s not possible to rebrand DH’s panel, etc… but surely there are ways to minimize the amount of inclusion of DH’s name and logo, and still get things done easily (in the eyes of customers)).

My intention is to offer accounts with specific options to a niche group. I believe with that, customers will be more willing to wait a few hours for their account to be set up, or wait 24 hours for new email addresses, subdomains, domains, etc… to be activated. I’m just curious how others handle those issues.


As you implied in your question, DreamHost’s shared servers might not be the ideal solution for your needs. I would however take a look at a DreamHost PS. That would probably solve all the problems you listed.

Unfortunately, as I understand it, the wait for a DreamHost PS is still quite long. Also, unfortunately, I cannot afford to get a PS until I have some clients, as I flat can’t afford the costs, myself. Perhaps if I get some success, I’ll be more able (and willing) to get in line for a PS.

Do you happen to know if alternative control panels (i.e. cPanl, Ensim, Plesk, and other not-so-expensive softwares) can be installed on a PS? I’m guessing yes?


I resell space all the time, but I do not give the typical “client” web panel, ftp, or shell access. I use a different model, and provide a file manager script for them if I’m willing to let them bork their own sites (and in most cases, I don’t even provide that :wink: ).

Most of my clients never see a panel or a prompt of any kind - they interact with their webspace via scripts that I can brand as needed, or via an installed CMS and utilities.

Obviously, the value I add is not the “space” or the “hosting” per se; it’s the site development and support - the “hosting” is a “non-event” for them which is included in the “monthly charge” they receive from me for webmaster/site management duties.


my goal was blog-centric, highly specialized hosting. Offering CMS choices, and a simple file manager (if necessary) should work fine. I’ll still be creating a separate user for each hostee, so cron can be kept separate (if needed), and I can more easily check files, but…

Hmmm… things to think on…

fyre, check this out:

I use this to allow clients to manage or semi-manage their pages (while keeping control of the ‘account’ to yourself) and it works well. Plus, the console/CP that they will use is TOTALLY customizable for your own company logo and info… beautiful!

A brief copy/paste:
WebEdit is a simple to install PHP script that makes it easy for your clients to edit their web site online. It includes a basic file manager and WYSIWYG web page editor that’s similar to Microsoft Word.

Your clients don’t need to know HTML and you can have WebEdit up and running on their web site in about 15 minutes from now. If you’re new to PHP we can even install WebEdit for you free of charge, and it includes a complete, private label end-user guide that you can simply hand to your client. It explains exactly how they can use WebEdit to make changes to their web site.

and no I dont work for them or affiliate, I just use the product, and it works well.

Yeah, there are actually quite a lot of those types of scripts with varying capabilities, features, and costs. (some are even free).

That’s one of the methods I was talking about when I mentioned earlier that you can provide filemanager/site management functionality with scripts that you can brand anyway you want. :wink:


yep… I was basically co-signing what u said. See the difference is for me, I am total NooB when it comes to code & script, so I have to rely on ‘outta the box’ things…lol
Like for example, I’m really good with photoshop… I use SiteGrinder2, along with things from WebAssist and they bring me up to par with you code writers and programmers :slight_smile:

Often there are many paths to the same destination :slight_smile:


There is no destination. There is only paths.