Resell my hosting


hi all,

i have 20GB and i can’t use that much.
so i am trying to resell part of my space to someone else.

Here is the problem,
how can i grant, let’s say 10G to someone else and they can do whatever they want with their own panel?

i.e. i want to give him full access to everything, like creating mysql db, webdav, dns… such and such

and hint for me?


You can, by going into the Billing menu on the Control Panel and granting Domain-Only Account Privileges to that user (and their domain).

The catch is that they can override that 10G limit. But if you trust the user, then it’s not a problem.



how can i create a webid for him then?


You can create the Web ID in the panel at Billing -> Account Privileges -> Grant Privileges to a new Web ID

This is also where you configure the panel privileges for this new Web ID.


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