Require AWStats Installation Help



I am wondering if anyone with knowledge of how to install AWStats could assist me? I have little experience with this and I do not know how to install it. I do not know perl and I would not know how to begin.

If someone feels like they have 5 minutes to spare, I would appreciate any help you can provide.

Ill check the thread regularly so hopefully I can find out the answer.



I’ve emailed a drop-in awstats directory to your gmail address with instructions.




I cant find where the crontabs page is in my panel. Ive been looking but its not there? Must I do it through SSH?


Yes, crontab is command-line only, so you’ll have to log in via SSH or Telnet.



How do I set the password I want for the .htpassword?

I understand it works on a salt encryption, however lets say I want to have as the username and password

‘username’ for the username
’password’ for the password what would I enter in the .htpassword file?


use htpasswd from a command line session to do that.

htpasswd --help

for more info


It’s easier (for me, at least) to use the Control Panel for Goodies --> Htaccess/WebDAV to password protect a directory.



Care to share that with me too? I can’t get the wiki awstats instructions working (too stupid, I guess)



Could you please send to my email too?