After looking at my site stats I noticed there is no area that lets me know how many hits my sites are getting. I did notice it says something called “successful requests.” Is that what dreamhost is calling hits?

You can find stats at login should be your webid, I think. But you can change that or add on users in the panel. (support > Stats)


Did you even read the message? I asked about whether or not the requests portion of my web stats is the same as hits not how to find them, login or change them.

No, I didn’t read your post apparent. Sorry. I was just skimming, saw the part about ‘don’t see hits…’ and I figured you wanted to know where the stats were. Woops.

Anyways, No the DH stats ‘requests’ arn’t refering to hits like you’re thinking. Requests are whena browser asks for a page or an image. So one visitor probably has a lot of successful requests. If you’re looking for a better stats package you can install AW stats for your self, Instructions from the Wiki will help.

Hope this reply is more helpful. :slight_smile:


[quote]Requests are whena browser asks for a page or an image.


That is a “hit” (as opposed to page views and visits.)