Requesting Support For Slow Server


I’ve noticed a lot of people on these discussion forums claiming to have slow performance on their site’s server(s), whether it be FTP, SFTP, HTTP, etc. I have also noticed that in recent months my server ‘kirby’ has been taking longer and longer to process requests. I recently ran an account test, which reported that my server has frequently been under high load. My question is to those of you who have submitted requests to DreamHost support asking for help or fixes to your similar problems. Have you all been contacted and helped? Or is complaining about speed/performance pretty much a waste of time?


We know some people who asked for help for DH support and successfully got their servers moved to a better server. I believe DH moves your server when the server load is really serious.

If it shows high load, I think it is good to alert DH support.

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Thanks patricktan.

My main concern is just the response time of the servers. Mostly connecting via SFTP annoys me because it can sometimes take up to 10 seconds just to refresh the directory listing, another 3 seconds to compare file timestamps, and then up to 10 more seconds to overwrite the ~3kb file. So that’s approximately 23 seconds per file that I’m uploading, which in my opinion is horribly horribly slow for such small files. I know it’s not my internet connection, because speed tests show I have, on average, a 5mbps down/700kbps up connection. Other websites and FTP servers are very responsive. Even doing site speed tests on the files on my website can sometimes take up to 5 seconds to server, and those sites use internet connections that are on orders of magnitude better than mine. So I believe I will be submitting a request here soon if things don’t shape up.


It is really over loaded :frowning:

Let’s run uptime and record down the value. It may be a record.

And, don’t hesitate to file a ticket to DH support.

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