Request for One-Click Install - Groupware


I would like to request a One-Click install option of groupware applications like Egroupware, Horde, or Kolab. I own a small business that needs something like this and it looks like I will be installing it myself. Yes, I am looking for an easier way to do it!

We need groupware for:
IMAP Email
Address Book

We also need to share these resources amongst all users.


Define “groupware”. There’s already webmail and address book software available as part of our standard mail system — the default is SquirrelMail, and RoundCube is available as an option through the panel. Whichever one is installed will be available at


I am happy to do that, thanks for asking.

IMAP Email - Email accessible as an email client. In other words being able to access multiple email accounts from the same login, without needing to log out and back in again to view each one (which is how webmail works).

Address Book - Contact lists that are available to any user that has a groupware account. Contacts are also available to multiple email accounts.

Calendar - integrated into a groupware package would be nice, though I know that WebCalendar is a good application and available as a One-Click installation.

Tasks - a way to keep task lists accessible to all users in the groupware account. This may be part of WebCalendar also, I haven’t used WebCalendar for years so I’m not familiar with the most current version.

Applications that I am looking at and considering for installation:

Feng Office -
EGroupware -

Feng Office looks closest to what I need, I’ve used EGroupware prior to my move to DreamHost so it’s familiar, and EPESI looks promising.

Just found that Horde (popular webmail app) has a groupware application as well -
Kolab looks really good too ( but both Kolab and Horde need to be installed by admin at DreamHost and are not for a shared host installation (that I can tell or want to fuss with).