Request for improved message filtering

Hello DreamHost,

My organization’s domain includes several e-mail addresses that exist basically as a mailing list – designed only to forward e-mails to other addresses. (A fictitious example: the address forwards to 3 other people,,, My organization needs this both for its internal workings and for “people on the outside” to have a way to contact various roles on our organization.

These domain addresses now receive an ever-increasing amount of spam. I’d like to curtail this. However, I cannot rely on spam filtering. This is because my organization’s area of focus (international folk dancing) includes text (world dance names, song words in dozens of languages) that frequently causes conventional spam filters to flag legitimate messages as spam. So I depend on message filtering by white- and blacklisting specific domains or addresses.

I know DreamHost supports message filtering (described here). However, I found out through several support cases (for example, 100262766 and 100433739) that your message filters don’t work on the forwarded e-mails. So, even if I imposed a message filter on a domain e-mail address, it’d still pass all spam through to all the list of forwarded addresses.

So, please allow me to submit a request for improved message filtering that does act on the “also-forwards-to” e-mail addresses. I know it is physically possible in the current Internet world, since I manage a domain hosted by one of your competitors (ICDSoft) that supports exactly what I describe.

Thank you.