Request Feature "Wildcard DNS" to default

I would like to request feature “Wildcard DNS” to default all dreamhost account (if possble)

I love to have and using Wildcard DNS all my domain like this feature on other hosting servage

very good for when type (have 4 wwww to wrong address) this still access to my website
and easy to my using virtual subdomain
for map subdomain to other point on account will be add subdomain on control panel again
(but if not add subdomain when call will be access to same point same directory of home domain (or

by personal I think and decide for dreamhost good more than servage because fast more than. (sorry for refer to other hosting competitors) dreamhost is the best.

Thank you for reading
just would like comment and request feature I think good

(sorry, for my english not good but I hope you can read understand or can guess to what meaning, Thank you)

Wildcard DNS would be a nice feature to have in some cases, but I doubt Dreamhost offer it across the board. Currently to get wildcard dns you have to contact support and beg and plead your case to have it enabled.

Without a very good reason for it your request will most likely be denied.

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The best place to request feature additions is the Home -> Suggestions section of the admin panel.

DreamHost may be willing to set this up for a particular domain, if asked nicely enough, provided there is a good enough reason, but I doubt they would implement it as the default for all domains.

See the wiki article linked below for further details;


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