Reporting a bug with control panel that is not being addressed

Hi Dreamhost team, not sure where I can submit a bug report, but so far this is as close as I could find.

There seems to be a bug with your system: If you switch an established website from one user to another, https does not get transferred cleanly. Instead the system ends up with an odd situation where http is hosted under the new username and https under the old one.

I appreciate someone taking a look at this, and ideally fixing it. I’ve had it happen several times to me and I had to spend considerable time on the support chat trying to fix it.


Thanks for sharing. Indeed, if the issue is recurring it’s good practice for the Support team to create a ticket internally for our developers. If the bug is still there, it could mean that it’s considered lower priority than other or it fell off the radar for some reason.

I contacted @gene privately to gather more details and nudge DreamHost development team.

This is what I’ve got from @smaffulli:

I just had a meeting with my colleagues, there are a few tickets already created that are related to this issue. They’re being worked on… Eventually the root cause will be solved. Thanks for reaching out!

A+ for reaching out, here is to hoping that the issue will be solved soon.

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