Report Abuse (Wordpress botnet)

How can I report abuse? A dreamhost IP tried to break into my honeypot.

Reporting Abuse

For complaints regarding abuse of our hosting services or your DreamHost account that are related to our Terms, please send an e-mail to

Be as detailed as possible when explaining the problem!

Botnets are hundreds or thousands of bots, not just a handful of malicious requests

What you describe are just vulnerability checks. This is often launched by either other compromised accounts being used as drones, or cheap hosting accounts that can be discarded after the evil deeds are done.

WordPress sites are easy targets for compromise because they are all structured the same. It’s important to keep up with the latest updates on both the WP software as well as keeping any plugins up to date. These are the entry points for hacks.

Most of these vulnerability checks are arbitrary. None of my sites are WP yet I get dozens of daily requests for WP files. These are checks to discover if the files exist. If so, they may come back with code injection attempts, often from a different IP address. These attempts are common, but nowhere near what a botnet does.

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