Reply-To headers sent in php mail()

First off, I’m new to Dreamhost and so far glad to be here.

I am teaching myself php and have run into a problem with the reply-to headers being sent by the mail() function.

When I check my e-mail the form submission arrives just fine but when I reply there are two other e-mail addresses in the reply-to field,
these are:

Obviously I am on runts and I am not including these addresses in my script.

I cannot figure out how to stop the server from sending these and any help would be greatly appreciated.



You setting a From: header? Set a from address and see if that solves it.

yerba# rm -rf /etc

I do have a From: header included but you got me to scutinize everything and it turns out I fixed it with this:

$mailheaders = "From: My website <>"; $mailheaders .= "\r\n"; $mailheaders .= "Reply-To: ".str_replace($unwanted,"",$email);instead of this

$mailheaders = "From: My website <>"; $mailheaders .= "Reply-To: ".str_replace($unwanted,"",$email);The new line(s), now it works fine. I tried to break it again with the new line(s) added to make sure that was the only problem and it seems like it is.

Thanks for the guidance


That would cause the problem. get into the habit of adding the \n to the end of every header line. It’s required to spread the headers:
$mailheaders = “From: My Website\n”;

\r is optional. I’ve never used it myself, but others have mentioned problems when not using it. The only problem I see happening is windows servers/mail clients. Since now, I believe, only windows that uses \r today; Windows line breaks are “\r\n”. I think MacOS is on \n now; it use to be \r in MacOS9 and prior.

yerba# rm -rf /etc