Replacing squirrelMail?

Does anyone know of another option for an email interface other than SquirrelMail? I know its possible to have email hosted with gmail or other services but i’d like to keep it on my webserver. I wasn’t sure if I could just upload a different mail system, maybe change some code somewhere and allow me to have a little more intelligence in the interface. SquirrelMail is working ok, it’s just a little too simple


Dreamhost also provides roundcube as an option. To test drive it go to and for user put your FULL email address (i.e. and the pass is your mail password.

If you then want this interface to work at instead of squirrelmail, then go to the webmail tab in the panel and click the “edit” link for your domain, and then check the “enable roundcube” box and resave. It will most likely take a few hours for the DNS change that will occur from that change to propagate.

Is roundcube better than squirrel ?

It’s pretty easy to try out since you can use on your existing mailbox. The interface looks a bit more modern… the biggest feature is the editor is WYSIWYG.