Replacing current WP site with new one


I currently have a live wordpress site at
I have created a new site currently at I am ready to take down the current and replace it with the test version. (I will take the test out of the domain so it will just replace the existing site). I should add that there are certain pages from the old site I’d like to keep.

How do I do this? I was told I could but I have no idea how to. Any help would be greatly appreciated!



the part about retaining pages from the old site complicates things. Add them to your test site, then just change your hosting to point to the directory you have your new site.


Thanks! So right now if my new site is if I rename the existing pages I want to carry over to the new site with the ‘test’ part will that work?

Then how do I change my hosting to point to the directory? Sorry I am really new to this.


no. There are no ‘pages’ in wordpress. All of the text is stored in a database. Unless your new site has been developed using the same database (i.e. just cosmetic changes), then you’ll need to copy the entries from one to the other manually.

You change your hosting in the panel.