Replacing Contents of One Domain with Contents of Another


Not sure if I’m thinking of this in a more complicated way than is necessary. What I want to do is very simple, but I couldn’t find anyone else with a similar question (apologies if it was staring me right in the face!).

Here’s what I want to do:

I have existing site at, let’s say,

I want to start a new site at, say,, using Wordpress, so I’ll be installing Wordpress there.

Then, after having the two sites run side-by-side for a while, I want to replace the stuff at with the stuff at

How do I do that?

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Assuming you’re not worried about trying to merge comments or anything…

Build out and get it all set up as you want.

When you’re ready, change the Databases. Change the home/site URLs on and search/replace the wp_posts table changing testing.existing… with existing…

Then edit the file to use that Database.

And drink beer :slight_smile:


If your sites are hosted with DH, and you want them up side-by-side, here’s what you can do:
Work on like normal. Then once the time comes, you can rename the directory to something like, then log into the WP dashboard of and change the URL settings to, and then rename the directory to

Then voila! The test site should be live at!


Thanks Elle S and Ipsenu! So, it doesn’t matter that Wordpress will be installed on the “test” domain and not the “existing” domain? I have no idea what Wordpress installs, exactly. Does it basically create a bunch of templates, which you then modify, and move wherever you want?


WordPress installs a bunch of PHP files, some of which are your theme templates, but also a database.

It occurred to me that there’s a simpler way actually. Install WordPress in a folder off (like at )

Make it look like you want to, all pretty and with all your posts and get it looking right and then follow these directions:


Very cool, thanks!