Replacing an Image Crawl the was on MySpace

I used to have an image crawl on the intro page of my agency intro webpage that used a MySpace image crawl. Now everything is changed at MySpace. Although MySpace moved all my photos over to a new slideshow, the url isn’t static. It keeps counting through the photos so it doesn’t seen to work to src this url as an image to make a photo crawl. Maybe there’s no easy way to keep using MySpace for an image crawl. I’m currently using DreamWeaver. Are there any image crawl utilities from the DreamWeaver community? Or other sources.

It got some image crawls working while experimenting with CMS url=[/url], but I’m not ready to move the whole site to a CMS yet.
Maybe I can get Text and Image Crawler v1.53 from John Scheuer to work instead and learn something in the process.

Yes, Text and Image Crawler v1.53 from John Scheuer was easy to implement.