Repeating emails

I keep getting duplicate emails, it started a few days ago with just one that I got several times, now it seems like everyone that mails me, I get the same mail over and over. I thought maybe it was my mail client, but it happens at work and at home. I log into the webmail, and they’re repeating in there too, so I think the dreamhost mail server has a problem and keeps delivering the same mail to me multiple times.

contact support. Some kind of a error in the mail server, which you can’t access - only DH support people.

Good Luck


My wife started experiencing the same this evening. Shooting off a ticket to DH, assuming that the page eventually submits.

I am getting repeating emails too. Something is definately wrong with their server. I have received about 500 duplicates of 5 emails. This is really frustrating so I hope that they fix it soon. I also checked on webmail and the emails show up there as well, so I know that my computer is not the problem.

I saw this too, a week ago, but the odd thing is that it only concerned a single (huge) mail message on a single user account. I wondered how it could be but didn’t put in a ticket. After about 20 duplicates, it worked normally again.

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I have been experiencing the same problem with one of my accounts since yesterday (5/25) evening. Interestingly, all my other email accounts have not shown any problems, even though they are using the same server. Also get the following error when trying to log into webmail for this account:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: h#Ø@ül() in /usr/local/squirrelmail-1.4.4/src/redirect.php on line 95

This problem is happening again, I’m getting about 20 copies of every email

Happening again for me too, though a different account this time. Duplicates do not show up in webmail, so appears to be Pop related. I have a message in to support.