Repeatedly having problems with slow servers

Am running Expression Engine on a 3 domains and am running PmWiki on one. The ones using php and mysql seem to be the slowest, but even the pmwiki site, which is just php, is slow. And it seems to be a recurring problem.

Have gone to support in the past and am usually told that it’s a known issue and being worked and things improve. For a day or two. Then we’re back to molasses.

I have another account with Dreamhost and have never had this issue, but then…I’m on other servers, as well.

I’m beginning to think that “ugh” is aptly named.

Is anyone else still having issues? I’ve seen some posts throughout January. Hopefully, this is just some temporary thing? It’s beginning to go on too long, tho :confused:

my website is very slow all day today and yesterday, site works just that it loads so slow, tooks about 15-20secs to load 1 small page, tried downloading a file and the speed is around 30-40kbs, and I’m on vito I think

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