Renting out webspace

I have alot of unused space on my account. I want to ask is it possible to resell webspace with Dreamhost? Meaning that I would manage “subscriptions” myself, providing people with their own domain and html.

There’s nothing preventing you from doing so, but I’d caution you about DreamHost’s policies which hold you accountable for the actions of those you give access to your account’s hosting. If they do something against the terms of service, you may find your entire account shut down.

But if you’re willing to either take that chance, only resell to trusted parties, or monitor all the sites under your account, go for it! Let us know how it turns out.

BTW, I don’t mean to sound discouraging, but I want to make sure you know what you’re getting into. You should note that on the forums here we only hear from people who have had trouble. The ones who are happy mostly don’t drop in out of the blue and talk about how their reselling is going. :slight_smile:

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As Lensman said; You can resell your hosting any way you see fit.

However, one thing you will not be able to do is ‘re-brand’ the admin panel. So if your customers require panel access, they will know that you are reselling DreamHost. Of-course, the smart ones will be able to work that out anyway, even without panel access. :wink:


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Even if Dreamhost allows this, I do not recommend it. When you get a lot of clients, your server will use more than just space and bandwidth. You will probably end up using too much CPU time, which can cause problems. If you want to be a webhost, I recommend having AT LEAST a virtual private server. These often come with tools that make it easy to resell webspace. They also give your users the ability to set up things like MYsql on their own (I don’t think you would be giving them web panel access).

Or at least go with a shared host that explicitly has a reseller account.

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Given the increasing incidents of people complaining about their accounts being shut down due to copyright infringement in these forums, you would be a very brave soul to give others access to your account without monitoring what those users are doing very closely.

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