Renewing SSL Cert


I have a SSL Cert through godaddy, and its due for renewal. Its paid for and everything, so now i need to reactivate it.

Godaddy gives the options

[quote]Web Hosting, Grid Hosting, WebSite Tonight, Quick Shopping Cart, or Dream Web Site
Dedicated Server or Virtual Dedicated Server, with Simple Control Panel
Third Party, or Dedicated Server or Virtual Dedicated Server, without Simple Control Panel[/quote]
The first option only lists sites that are hosted with godaddy, the second is greyed out. The third asks for a Certificate Signing Request. If i enter the one listed in the dreamhost control panel, godaddy comes back saying
"The CSR key length must be 2048or4096"

How do i get this to work?


I had to contact Dreamhost customer service to have them issue a 2048 char CSR. Plus you need them to give you the RSA private key.