Renewing only domain on the suspended account

I let my account expire, but didn’t think of domain. I’d like to renew domain first and then think about hosting, do I need it at all. I cannot find such option, is it not possible? I also seem to be unable to find option to change billing cycle, do I need to pay another year to get it available or would the account be activated for a month, if I paid monthly amount only?

it may depend on how long you let the domain name expire. contact support and they can let you know.

I’m getting back to my old question. I got my account activated and changed it to monthly billing, domain was renewed for free then. Soon after I decided I won’t be using hosting, so I just ignored invoices, which was probably stupid. Now I “woke up” that it’s better to make sure I won’t lose the domain. I cannot do much in the control panel with suspended account.

I contacted support and they said I need to pay unpaid invoices to retain the domain, they can disable hosting only after the account has been re-activated.

Is this really the case? I think I read here earlier that in this case one needs to pay $9.95 domain registration for the ongoing year to compensate free domain. I would have no problem with this, it’s only fair. But it seems a bit unfair to pay for service you couldn’t use with suspended account.

Again, I know I could have handled this better on my side, no need to point it out for me :slight_smile:

You owe them money on those invoices, plus domain registration. Pay all that and you’ll be set.


Which service are you talking about? Did they continue to bill you for months after they suspended your account?

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