Renewing my account

I first want to say what a pleasant experience it has been dealing with DreamHost. They have done an amazing job and their service is incredible.
I signed up January 2005, and used a coupon code and paid $10 for the plan i currently have.

My Crazy Domain Insane; $119.40; 1 year; 2005-01-05 2006-01-04

I was curious if when i want to renew my plan for '06 if i will recieve this great price of $10 again, or if it will be $119.40 from here on in.
I appreciate your time. Thanks!

The terms stated that the plan will be renewed for the normal pricing.
Sorry, but nothing lasts forever :slight_smile: You seem to be satisfied with the service. I think you’ll find that the service is worth the normal price, too.

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$119.40 - Year Two
$010.00 - Year One

---------- = $64.70/year

That’s still a pretty good deal for everything you get with Dreamhost!