Renewing Membership


A little less than a year ago, I signed on with Dreamhost for a year subscription. I was able to use a promo code to get the year for $10. But that deal ends this month, and it seems to me that I’ll need to start by $10 a MONTH for hosting.

I can’t afford that. Is there a way to renew the same $10 per year deal for a second year?


No there is not a way to keep it the way you mentioned.
The only other alternative is to use the rewards section to invite people.
Then using the “97$” or “10% of all payments forever” you get, apply it to your bill.


The promotional is only for new customers. You will have to pay full amount to renew your hosting plan.

If you can’t afford the hosting plan, I’ll suggest you to create some promo codes and start inviting people to DH. The reward you earned can be applied on your hosting plan.