Renewing hosting plan

Hi, I’ve been a user of Dreamhost under a couple different logins for several years. One of my sites,, was originally purchased on the L1 plan on Aug. 20 of this year. I renewed it, and received confirmation for a second month ago, and then paid another monthly fee to extend it into the third month (to Nov. 19).

Unfortunately, that seems not to have registered somewhere, because my site was taken down today. I suspect for whatever reason my request through the Panel to extend the hosting plan into a third month failed, because I see now I never received an email confirmation on that.

So my question is now, how do I get that site back up? I’d love to upgrade the service to keep this happening again, but because the service has expired, the Panel gives me no plan renewal options… even though it has recorded that $9.95 balance in my favour to cover the next month of service. I’ve sent a couple emails to support (request 918378) but I’m hoping someone from the company looks on the forum, as I could really use this site back up again as soon as possible. Hey, I’m just trying to send these guys more money, here. If I could get the $9.95 credited, the service restored and extended a month, then I’d be happy to push the end date as far into the future as I’m allowed so this doesn’t happen again.

PS: It would be really nice if, if a hosting plan is due to expire on the 19th, if there was an automatic email of some kind as a reminder, or if you actually could still alter your plan end date on the 19th through the Panel. Leaving the person on the day his plan has expired with no means of renewing other than whining like this seems to be a poor way to encourage repeat business.

Hi, I just wanted to say the web hosting team rectified the error described above within a few hours… an error which was, after all, largely my fault. Great work, Dreamhost!

If you’re happy with using DreamHost as your hosting provider, then I would strongly encourage you to sign up for a two-year pre-paid plan. That saves you $48 just by being billed fewer times ($7.95 rather than $9.95 per month).

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Sorry to hijack this thread, but I’m actually interested in switching my current yearly pre-paid hosting plan to a 2-yr. pre-paid hosting plan. I also just received noticed from Dreamhost’s Renewal Robot that I need to renew my domain name. If I change my hosting plan, do I also still need to renew my domain name? Or does changing the hosting plan take care of the renewal issue? Thanks for any help/advice.

Those are two different services; one is hosting, the other is how to find it. These are not directly related so I’m pretty sure you still need to renew your domain name even though you opt for the two-year prepaid solution. I was trying to find a web panel link where you can select the two-year-prepaid option, but I couldn’t find it. Anyone?

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Thanks for the clarification. :slight_smile: And I was able to find the web panel link to change my hosting plan. Thanks again.