Renewing domain name

I received this letter from ‘Domain Registry of America’ about renewing my domain name that due to expire next year in february. I registered my domain through dreamhost and my web is also hosted by dreamhost.

If I renew my domain name through dreamhost (which is much2 cheaper) what differences does it have with renewing through ‘Domain Registry of America’? -> (which is much2 more expensive)

thanks in advance.

These letters are a scam. They are relying on many people not knowing the details of their domain registration and simply forwarding the inflated renewal fee to them and in the process transferring the domain registration. Screw the letter up and throw it in the trash.

If you renew through DreamHost, the domain will remain registered at DreamHost and you will save money. I would not even contemplate renewing through the ‘Domain Registry of America’. Like I said, throw the letter away and ignore any future correspondence from them.


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Also, I would enable DreamHost’s free Whois Privacy option, which has a number of benefits (including stopping those scam letters from arriving). You can do this by logging into the DreamHost Control Panel and clicking Domains -> Registrations, then checking the “Modify Whois?” check-box next to your domain and clicking “Modify Whois for selected.” Choose the “Use DreamHost’s free WHOIS privacy service…” option.

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True, that is a scam business. I have one .net domain and I live in Europe, and they even sent me a letter… A quick support question resolved that it’s a scam, not to be taken seriously.

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G’day fellow Aussie, as others have said, ignore all correspondance from Domain Registry of America, I’ve thrown out 5 of those letters in the last 2 months.

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There are plenty of companies that I dislike, but that company is one of the few where I actually wish death upon anyone associated with it.

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