Renewing a Domain


I got an e-mail saying that I need to renew my domain before the end of next month.

I’m curious: what exactly is the process of renewing? Do I have to pay any additional fees, like of $100 or more? (I used a code last year, if that helps) I’m really anxious and the FAQs and stuff are of NO help to me. D=


Registration is a yearly fee of 9.95 through Dreamhost. You should be able to renew your domain in the Panel >Domains >Registrations area.


Ah. So would I have to pay $9.95 each month? If that’s the case, that really shouldn’t be a problem for me.

Just Domain registration is $10 for the entire year. That’s a yearly fee (not monthly).

Hosting is different though. If it’s time to pay your dreamhost hosting bill again, that will be some monthly figure depending on the plan you’re on.

Just to make things clear, Domain Registration is a fee you pay to keep the or name you chose. That just says that you own that domain name.

Hosting is the server that actually hosts your website files, recieves the E-mail sent to your domain.

Your registrar and Host are not necessarly the same company, though Dreamhost does provide both services.


I believe the cost of renewing the registration on your ‘free’ domain is included in your hosting plan renewal cost, so if you renew your hosting with DreamHost you will not have to pay for this domain registration.

I am not sure if the above is true if you choose to pay for your hosting monthly (as opposed to annually), perhaps someone else can provide more information on this.


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