Renewed .ca domain, WHOIS shows status as "redemption"

I renewed a .ca domain ( in January and paid for it in full, before the original registration period expired. I also set it to auto-renewal at that time. Today, I received an email from the Canadian Internet Registration Authority ( saying the domain had been “deleted”, and within a couple of hours email to accounts using that domain have become undeliverable and my website is unreachable!
WHOIS information for the domain shows that its status is “redemption”, but Dreamhost - who took my money for the renewal with no problem - shows 10 months of registration left - expiry in 2014.

CIRA said to contact Public Domain Registry, Public Domain Registry said to contact Dreamhost. Dreamhost said no one is available to take my call, and hasn’t answered my support request. I am furious that Dreamhost charged me and my domains are now unreachable!

Has anyone else run into this? Anyone have any ideas that could help?

Yeah, others have brought this to everyone’s attention over the past coupla months.

Send in a ticket. ALL-CAPS, etc. It’s their fault, not yours.

Thanks sXi, good to know I’m not the only one and I hope that means they’ll know how to fix it quickly, once they get round to answering me!

Do you happen to know if it was others with .ca domains, or was it a variety of them?

Can’t recall offhand, but I think at least one was. They were all non .com, .net, .org type TLD’s.

There was mention that DH changed third party registrar providers recently. Panel is glitching out all over the show, too, so there could be a problem there still as well.