i write on a group blog whose domain was originally registered in a co-contributor’s name. it was transferred to my name last week because my friend wants to quit blogging. the hosting is being provided by dreamhost and i’d like to continue with the same package at dreamhost. my friend handled all this until now so i don’t know any details about the package etc., how do i get the hosting transferred in a new name and renew the hosting account which is to expire early next month? that’s my question…

Do you mean that the domain is hosted in your friend’s DH account?

If so, you may be in trouble because DH does not allow users to transfer domain between DH accounts.

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let me clarify: i don’t hold a dh account as of now. but i’d like to renew a hosting account until now held by my friend. is it possible for me to start a fresh dh account so that the hosting can be continued in a new account without interruption?

You’ll want to have your friend contact support directly and ask them if it’s alright to do the transfer. They shouldn’t have a problem with it, from what I’ve read in the past here.

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Just in case someone finds this thread and is searching for this information, I want to make it clear that DreamHost does allow domains to be moved between accounts but only if the destination account wasn’t a referred account. This means the destination account hasn’t had a promo code applied to it and that no one otherwise got a referral for it.

This policy was instituted to prevent people from flipping their domains between accounts and get discounted hosting forever.

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Thanks for the clarification and so sorry for the mis-leading information.

I’m getting old.

Now I recall the word. You can’t transfer domain between promotional accounts.

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