Renewal with Coupon

Is it possible to renew with a coupon. I used the $97 off coupon when I first registered, but now I’m due for renewal the ‘Pay with gift certificate’ isn’t recognising any coupon codes. Is it possible to use a $97 coupon with renewal or do I have to register a new account?

Promo codes are meant for new customers signing up with DreamHost for the first time. Therefore, it is not possible to use a promo code to renew your accout. By opening a new accout, you are not complying with DreamHost’s Terms of Service and may get your account suspened.

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You can purchase gift certificates to give to your friends, relatives, or strangers (or even me). It’s these gift certificates that the page you’re looking at is referring to.

As infinitaus points out, promo codes are only good for new customers.

The hope is that through referring some friends (or readers of your site), your referrals can defray some of your hosting renewal cost!

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Just to expand on new accounts being a TOS violation… they also log domains that are used with promo code accounts and won’t let them be added to a new account.

The good news is that you’re still better off than being at a host that wouldn’t have given you $97 off of the first year, or expanded your bandwidth/disk space every week you were there. :wink:

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Thanks for the replies. It’s a shame because Dreamhost are a great host. I can’t justify spending that amount on hosting though, so I’ve switched to another host.

I suspect that what makes them great are the features and support that require them to charge more than the $1.87 a month that they offer for the first year.

I would much rather spend the extra $6.08 a month and get the great service you mentioned than pay less for less service.

But, everyone has their price points and there’s nothing wrong with yours. Remember that you will be welcomed back in the future but that, unfortunately, you won’t be able to use a promo code when you return.

Good luck and best wishes!

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So you mean, he can still renew his coupon with new promo code or he can still use his promo code to renew his coupon? Because you said that it is not possible to use a promo code to renew your account. So he still needs to register new account.

If he manages to create a new account using a promo code discount, when DH finds out he has done this, and we likely will, his account will be terminated for the fraudulent use of the discount promo code on the new account. There will be no notice, and no discount.

Promo codes discounts are available only once per person, and only for new customers who have never had a DreamHost account. Using them any other way is a violation of the Terms of Service, and will result in account termination.

I have 3 domains registered w/Dreamhost – now would like to have Dreamhost host them. Are there any coupons for this (like MaxCoupon 97…others?) Or are coupons exclusively for use when you first register domains? Thanks!

Hey Bill, a while ago in this same forum I asked basically the same question you’re asking. (See my post about possibly offering some promotions to current users once in a while. It’s probably still on the first page of the index…) Anyway, so far the only answer seems to have been silence, which I assume I should take in the absolute negative. I admit it’s also possible that nobody from Dreamhost who has any idea about the answer has yet seen the question and slightly less possible they’ll see it later and answer or that something is in the works but they’re set on a policy of utter secrecy so as not to tip off their competitors that a sale might be a good idea.

So no, I think you’re stuck paying full price for everything, all the time, after you first open the account. Not that the full price is particularly bad, of course. There seems to be a certain subset of users who don’t make much use of the bulk of Dreamhost features, though, and since I’ve been looking into this I’ve seen a couple of them take their money elsewhere. Of course I have no idea how they like their new service. :slight_smile:

I’m sure I’d love the Dreamhost model if I had hundreds of people who I could refer to Dreamhost for web-hosting services. I don’t know that many people who need such service, though and since my web-presence is mostly of a personal nature, even if I did want to advertise on it, I wouldn’t get many hits. So, what works for some works significantly less well for others.


There’s a way to get a discount. Pay in advance. You can change your hosting plan from billed yearly to every 2, 3, 5, or 10 years, and the price per month changes accordingly.

That’s something I’ve noticed but never yet been able to consider. Unfortunately my short term budget has never yet allowed me to do so. Still, if you can afford the five year price in one chunk, (for example) it’s a good deal.


To clarify, is it within the TOS to sign up for another account (and have multiple accounts) if no coupon code is used on the 2nd signup?

As far as I know you are not allowed to do that. Maybe you could ask if you have a very good reason but since you can add unlimited domains to one account I don’t see the point for a second account.

So all your websites aren’t on the same server in the case of service interruption or degradation. Or you are a reseller or webdesigner looking to host your clients and don’t want them all on the same server and/or ip address.

Opening multiple accounts with us is specifically against our Terms of Service:

We make some exceptions for extraordinary circumstances (e.g, customers controlling company or non-profit accounts may open a separate personal account, provided that they explain the situation to DreamHost Support beforehand), but opening multiple accounts for other reasons — especially when the goal is to gain access to more servers or IP addresses than would otherwise be provided — is against our policy and may lead to the termination of all your accounts.

Why is that bad? I’m not arguing about it, I just would like to understand.

Think about it this way. Suppose my wife is thinking of signing up with dreamhost. I’m telling her to just use my account and we’ll save money. She keeps quoting me some feminist mantra about wanting to have the possibility of “access to more servers or IP addresses than would otherwise be provided”. What should I tell her?

i don’t understand it either. I mean, if someone wants to pay more than once for unlimited bandwidth, etc, I’m not sure why DH would turn them down. I’m not sure why someone would want two accounts anyway.

It is a security/fraud related issue, as our experience has proven that, given our low cost, abusive users will often employ multiple accounts to hedge against an account being terminated for Terms of Service violations, or to obfuscate the reselling of our services to the public. Since we allow unlimited domains, and bandwidth, on every account, legitimate customers rarely need more than a single account (and this way we can avoid playing “whack-a-mole” with the illegitimate types).

As Andrew said, there are some exception, as appropriate, but there are good reasons for that rule.

Thank you … that makes sense. Still, I would comment that your policy is not intuitively easy to understand until all this is explained.

Just as an idea, how about saying “maximum of one account per credit card”?

That should deter the illegals in the same way, while being intuitively easier to relate to.

I think Paypal operates a policy like that; so if you also accept payments through Paypal, the same principle would carry through.

(Of course, someone could sneakily open one dreamhost account on their credit card, and another dreamhost account through Paypal. But that doesn’t seem like it would cause the collapse of civilization.)