Renewal Question

Hey, I have a question about renewal - It’s not possible to use a promo code during a renewal is it?

That’d be a bummer because I missed out using one when I originally signed up.

I’ve got a little time before I have to worry about it though…

Unfortunately promo-codes are for new customers only, not for existing customers renewing.

It probably goes against the spirit of promo-codes and would no doubt be a major hassle for you, but you could cancel your current account and sign-up again using a different credit card (and a promo-code).

I know it must be disappointing to miss out on a discount, but I think DreamHost is extremely good value, even at the full price.


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I don’t feel too bad about it (well, I do feel a bit dense, but I had to get off my old host).

It’s certainly worth the normal price and although cpanel and fantastico were pretty cool it’s REALLY nice to actually have the power to do what I want and how I want to do it.

(Within reason, you have to be a good citizen.)

I agree 100%. In fact, this versatility is the primary reason I initially decided on DreamHost and a large part of why I intend to stay here.


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I liked the option of having just one ftp account to manage all my sites, so I renewed at full price, for one year. They really deserve it.

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What I like is that unlike cpanel, almost every panel option is useful to me. I find things all the time when I look through the wiki and examine the links in the panel. I like that although support can be a bit slow to respond sometimes that when it’s an easy fix it seems to be handled quickly.

I had totally forgotten about locking my domains (your domains are locked, right?) when I moved over to dreamhost. You do know the benefit of being locked… That you can’t get “slammed” to another registrar.

Look it up - and then submit a request to lock your domains today!

If you can’t use a promo code then why don’t they give us some incentinve for renewal. The discount was one of the reasons we signed on with dreamhost. It’d be a pain to have to leave and go to one of their competitors or have to resign up with a new account with a different credit card (even though we do have to change our payment info).

I would have thought that great plans at a great price would be incentive enough. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, the DreamHost plans are excellent value, even at full price. I have no problem justifying my renewal fee every year.


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The incentive to renew is that you don’t have to move all this stuff to an inferior hosting service that costs even more than DH’s low prices.


If you keep up with the posts on this Forum, you will see that using such a subterfuge to get around the “new customers only” promo code usage rules is not likely to be successful… not only is your payment method, and your account information, checked - they tie the use of a promo code to the hosting of a domain also.

If you want the service, you should be willing to pay for it at some point - scheming and conniving to perpetuate a “one time” discount just shows what freeloaders some people can be.


How much does it cost to provide the services? If you have 1000 customers paying say $1.645 per month ($19.74 per year) per server equivalent, that covers some decent hardware, network and expenses, doesn’t it? So why should the price be 5x higher?

Yes, what we need is Renewal Promo Codes! ;->

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I think you’d find that some people would still bitch about the ‘lack of incentive’.


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I’ve asked this question so many times. No, we can’t apply a promo code a plan after we signed up. We can’t apply a promo code when we renew.

The only way is to have a new plan. But you’ll lose the server and bandwidth bonus. So this one or that one, you have to choose one.

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rlparker reopened this old thread. Let this one die.

I originally started this thread BECAUSE I’d not used a promo code to sign up originally.