Renewal Incentives?

Are there any incentives for renewing through Dreamhost?

I have some domains registered with other companies so I get promotion material all the time. Many of which are ‘competitive’ or better than my current hosting plan. My current plan is…My Happy Hosting (which has been cool and reliable) is about to expire this month.

I haven’t gotten any emails about renewing nor is there really any information about it in my account page.?

If renew for another year, how much will I get charged ?etc…all that kinda info is, surprisingly, is actually nowhere to be found!

So I thought I’d post (finally).
I have, for the most part been real happy with Dreamhost - really, it’s been sweet.

I just want to make sure I’m not missing out on something…
(It seems like If I had registered for 5 years in advance I would have had an awesome deal…LOL…but I unfortunately can only afford like a year in advance at this time.)

These other companies (whom I wont list and advertise here), have some crazy incentives, it’s awfully tempting considering the market the way it is.

So…any incentives for renewing… how much does it even cost? The same as when you signed up? More ? Less?

thanks for any info…And for the record, this kind of information might be useful to have on our account pages in the account section or something. (maybe its somewhere in there…I dunno)

thanks for your time-

Renewing is the standard cost of hosting. The only incentives are quantity discounts for multiple years paid up front. Here are the figures:

There’s generally not a lot done to retain customers, other than customer service. Or, in this case, upping the standard features. Customer acquisition is where it’s really competitive. You can hop from provider to provider, but most companies figure that’s too much hassle and that you’re more willing to stay.


Giving you the first year at close to nothing isn’t incentive enough to renew?

No host will operate at a loss forever to keep you there, so your options are pretty much to host-hop or stay where you’re happy.

If you’re going to host-hop, make sure you at least stick with real, reputable companies that have been around a long time. Most new hosts fail and if you look around some of the hosting forums, a lot of them are just kids that have been doing it less than a month.

I wouldn’t trust most of the hosts out there with my credit card info, regardless of what deals they offer.

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Uh ok. Was just curious If I was missing out on anything.

Im pretty happy with dreamhost, And now I know that you just need to renew for a full year term or 2 year term in advance in order to get the best deal.(nothing but xp relays this info)

But what about Upgrading incentives?
And domain name registrations?

Of course unless you’re on an unlimited account you do also get extra space and bandwidth over time, so the longer you stay the more space/bandwidth you get.

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