I registered my domain with another host, then transferred the hosting to Dreamhost. I tried to transfer it completely to Dreamhost before it expired, but I haven’t received any replies to my emails at my old host. Therefore, when it expired I still owned the hosting (confused yet?), and I tried to register the domain with Dreamhost and it let me. Problem is, it doesn’t show up and I can’t log in to FTP. I emailed Dreamhost and they said I have to renew the domain, then transfer it after 30 days (which I can’t do, because a) I can’t contact my previous host and b) it’s already expired with my old host and can’t be registered again because I did it with Dreamhost and have the actual hosting at Dreamhost still running anyway). Anyone know of a way round this problem??

What is the domain name?

I probably wouldn’t mention the domain name in public… since there could be a chance that you’ll have to wait through the redemption/deletion period and just buy it again. Someone else could jump on it and try selling it to you for more money.

You wouldn’t need to contact your old host if the domain is in your name–unless they’re also the registrar. If it’s in your name, you can just go directly through the registrar (look it up in your whois info if you forget). If the host put it in their name, using their email address… you’re probably stuck for now, if you can’t get them to do anything.

If it turns out that you have to wait it out, you could backorder it through someone like and they’ll snatch it up in your name as soon as it’s available.

hmm… good point. wasn’t even thinking about that… =) I just wanted to do a whois on it to figure out what his / her registrar was and the tell him / her to go and reregister there.

Thanks for the help guys!! But when I check the whois database, it says that the domain is set up and doesn’t expire till November 2004 (since I re-registered it). It still doesn’t work though! :frowning: Since no one else can register it, the URL is…here’s the info. anyway:
Registrar: TUCOWS, INC.­
Whois Server: whois.­opensrs.­net
Referral URL: http://www.­opensrs.­org
Name Server: NS.­NEWDREAM.­NET
Name Server: NS2.­NEWDREAM.­NET
Updated Date: 12-nov-2003
Creation Date: 11-nov-2001
Expiration Date: 11-nov-2004
It says ‘REGISTRAR-HOLD’ - what does that mean?? I’m only a kid lol, I have no idea about these things :S

I don’t see the ‘registrar hold’ status in the WHOIS info, but if your name is Jennifer and that’s your email address under the administrative info, then you’re in control of the domain name.

If you can’t login to change your info, you could transfer it to another registrar (as long as that’s your email address) and just follow the instructions they email you for authorizing the transfer., as an example, is currently doing $6.95 transfers, which adds a year to your current registration period. If you filled out their transfer, you would get emails asking you to authorize the transfer, to verify that you’re really the owner. Once it’s transferred, you would just login in through their site and have full control over your domain, no matter where your site is hosted.

Of course, none of this would apply if that’s not your email address in the administrative contact info.

Hope that helps!