Renew using promo code?

I purchased my crazy domain insane plan last year using one of the promocodes for a one time payment of something around $25 or so. My year is up and I’m a little confused on what happens? Do I get billed at 9.95 a month? Does it auto-renew at $25 a year (with the previous promo code attached) does it auto renew at 9.95 x 12 months in one charge?

what I really want to do is use one of the $97 promo codes and buy another year at $25 or whatever and add it to my exsisting account, is this possible? I really don’t want to move all my domains, e-mail, etc?


You can only use a promo code when first signing up. Once you’re on board, you are charged at the rate you picked when signing up. So the first year can be very cheap, but after that, it’s back to normal. That’s why they call it marketing. :wink:
Very little to do with either emus or farmers!

or use another credit card…

…which, if identified as being a ploy by an existing account holder designed to fraudulently obtain an additional promotional discount (and such a thing is pretty easy to identify!), could very well result in the “new” account not being created :wink:


This strikes me as being totally against the ‘spirit’ of the promo-code system, which is primarily there to allow new customers to sign-up at a discount to try Dreamhost.

I originally signed-up using a promo-code, but I have no problems with paying the full plan cost to stay here.


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If you know that you are going to use DreamHost for more than a year, then change your rebill period to every two years instead of yearly and you will get 20 % off.

Doing this is against the spirit of the promo code system. The point of the system is to refer in NEW customers. Not to be using them for renewals and such.