Renew ssl certificate with different email address


I need to renew my ssl certificate, but none of the confirmation email address options are existing email addresses (including the one that is in the certificate information).

Should I just have a brand new certificate created with the updated information or would that cause problems with dreamhost since a certificate is already associated with my domain (the cert expires in a couple of weeks).

Thanks for any information you can provide!


There’s almost no difference between renewing an SSL certificate and creating a new one — renewing reuses a few settings, but the email confirmation process is the same either way.

You will need to create one of the email addresses listed in the verification process. Note that several of them are pulled from your domain’s WHOIS information, so you should at least make sure that these addresses work.


Hi Andrew,

Thank you so much for the information, that’s exactly what I needed to know.

I’ll update the WHOIS info with the correct address and then renew the cert.