Renew multiple domain registrations

I’m in the UK so when I renew a domain with Dreamhost I’m charged in a foreign currency (USD). My bank imposes a charge for each foreign currency transaction. If I want to renew 3 domains I pay 3 charges because there doesn’t appear to be a way in the panel to renew 3 selected domains in one transaction instead of 3 separate transactions.

The only thing I can think of is to make a payment to my account (even though balance due is $0) and then the charges will be deducted from my balance credit. Has anyone done this or is able to confirm it will work?

No answer to your question, but maybe you should get a different bank, because those charges are ridiculous.

Very often banks impose fees when foreign currency is involved, banks are in business to earn a profit just like any other business. My US bank imposes a fee as well, although the less sharp consumer may not realize it as the single transaction hits their account.

I you should get an official answer from support but I have had credit on my account and any charges I had incurred were deducted from it. I do believe if you renewed you could use credit you currently have on your account.

Yes, this will work just fine — it’s exactly what we recommend that our users do in this situation, actually. Any payments you make to your account in excess of what you owe will just sit around until needed. :slight_smile:

Thank you andrewf et al. I shall give it a go and report back in a week or two when I renew for others who may find this thread useful in the future.