Renew let's encrypt certificates to use in Express nodejs API

I am using express to create an API, to use HTTPS, I have the library https and creating a HTTPS secured API but when certificates automatically renew, the API starts to fail so i am trying to manually renew letsencrypt certificate every week, my question is. Where can I find the Certificate and RSA Key Dreamhost generates for my site? how to renew let’s encrypt manually through a cron job? please help!

The certificates can be accessed from the Control Panel’s SSL/TLS Certificates page (press Settings on a domain):

Normally on DH’s Shared/VPS hosting, you’d run an Express app under Passenger, and the web server (Apache or Nginx) would automatically handler certificates.

I have used those certificates but when they expire i get: Error: SSL peer certificate or SSH remote key was not OK and this occurs because the Certificate and the RSA Key change, I would like to create a cron job to copy the new certificate to my app and restart the server, but I don’t know where do Dreamhost store those files? or is my reasoning wrong? i am using typescript/nodejs and express to create an API

I don’t think there is a way to access the certs using the Dreamhost API nor the file-system, but you might ask DH Support about it.

If you’re using a VPS or Dedicated server, then another way to setup an Express app/api is to add a reverse proxy:

The reverse proxy would map an URL like to an Express app running at localhost:8001. The web server would handle HTTPS/certs, so the Express server running on port 8001 can run unencrypted (be sure it is only locally accessible).

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