Renew domain; not hosting?

I went ahead and renewed my domain name “for free” so it didn’t expire (it expires tomorrow)… How do I just pay for the domain and cancel the hosting ? It also ends tomorrow.

I want to keep my domain, but I have my own server now elsewhere.

Thank you,

You probably should contact support about this one. I know you can close down your account through the panel, but I don’t know what happens to your domain with that - seeing as you may have to pay for that years registration.

–Matttail - personal website

If it expires soon then I suggest you contact the support and just renew the domain first. As I know Dreamhost is not just provide hosting, but can also just act as an ICANN registrar.

So maybe… It just maybe you can have your panel active and just has domain park plan. It’s my best guess, but for sure contact the support.


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