Rename Images?

Is it standard practice to rename an updated image on a website? I have not been renaming them and I’m concerned the viewers will see the cached version rather than the updated version. Do I need to rename them?

Hi Robert,
This shouldn’t be a problem with images on your site.
I would make it standard practice however just for less confusion if it is ever needed you must find a previous copy of an image.
Things can get pretty confusing once you get more images!
Let me know if you have any other questions. :slight_smile:

I don’t need any previous copies of the images I replace. I’d really rather not rename them…I’m just wondering if website maintenance people do this to avoid having the old, cached images appear when users view the page.

I always rename new images. Even if YOUR browser cache or server cache refreshes good, many peoples browser don’t and get stuck with old images.
Sometimes when I am designing and need to replace a picture I notice that the newly overwritten image just does not load, no matter how many times I refresh (even ctrl f5)