Removing the phpbb install directory from ftp

Ill be honest im trying to learn as i go along and the phpbb is tell me i need to remove or rename the install directory for the board to do i do this?i went into ftp and its not giving me the option to delete the install file all the files are coming up as weblinks that i click thru and cant delete or modify in i doing something wrong?

The answer will depend on what ftp client you are using. Personally I use WinSCP and within it I am able to right click remote files and directories to delete or rename.

when i right click it comes up copy link copy link location etc i dont get a delete option[hr]
when i click webftp its ajaxplorer that comes up but it wont let me log in with the pass word i was sent when i set the account up.when i go onto the dreamhost page for my account and click ftp there it lets me log into ftp using the password mailed to me but i can only view files there not modify them.

I can’t tell you how to use AjaxExploer because I haven’t used it, I just tried again and got a white screen because I have regular ftp disabled on my domains as I use SFTP for security. If you can install a client then I would suggest getting filezilla or another on the list here . If you use firefox as your browser there are ftp add ins as well such as fireftp.

someone else may come along soon that can tell you how to use ajaxexploer / webftp.